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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Why so many deaths this Christmas season?

It's Jan. 1, 2005 as I write this. December of 2004 is by far the Christmas season with the most number of deaths ever.

First, a massive typhoon in the Philippines (direct result of illegal loggers and legal loggers!) kills more than a thousand people. Then, famous personalities pass away. All of these just weeks before Christmas.

Then, the biggest disaster came. A tsunami (giant tidal waves) struck Asia, killing over 150,000 people in an instant, just like that. Many Westerners were there (especially Swedish), taking a vacation at the beaches. Men, women, and children. It is said that children accounted for a large number of casualties simply because they can't swim as good as the adults or can't hang on as long as them.

The inevitable question: "Why"??

First, the message is this: death can happen to anyone at anytime. Rich or poor, from the older people to the youth. Youth and riches or power are no guarantee or protection. Death is truly the "great equalizer".

Second, the message is to cherish every Christmas time with our loved ones. From what has happened, you can never be so sure if you'll get to spend the next Christmas with them, or they with you.

In this way, death actually makes us appreciate life more, both our own and that of others. We often take life for granted, don't we? It awakes us up from our usual day-to-day routine, lukewarmness.

Imagine living a life with urgency, where you don't take ANYONE or anything for granted, where every moment, every second counts. Ah, such a life is "heaven on earth"!

Cherish every moment with those you love. As the saying goes "Live life everyday like it was your last. For someday, it will be."

GOD Bless,
Alex C