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Friday, April 08, 2005

What are You Searching For?

We live day in, day out, accomplishing what we usually do, what we have to do. Work, then home, eat, sleep. Then, amazingly, it's similar upon waking up. Eat, then go to work, etc.

Always, there's this "hunger", something we all feel but can't seem to explain or comprehend. Even if you have it all, it never seems to be enough. The things of the world are simply not enough to quench this "emptiness".

You know a problem exists. This is obvious. If we state the problem, the problem is: an "inner hunger or thirst" that only comes back again and again no matter what we do or possess.

Now that we have clearly defined the problem, it's time to go to the harder part: the source of the problem.

Christian theology teaches us that there are three elements that make up a human being. These three are the spiritual, mental, and the physical.

The spiritual element ranks as the highest, second highest would be the mental element, and the last rank belongs to the physical element.

So what is the real cause, the source of our "inner emptiness"?

Physical element: Is it a lack of physical element? Hardly. Assume you've got these: good looks, good body, big house, sports cars, etc. - all the things money can buy. But are you really happy?

It makes you happy for a time, but eventually the "inner hunger" comes back. Instinctively, we seem to think we need more. More good looks, more cars, bigger house, etc.

The truth is, satisfying the physical element alone is not enough.

Mental element: Is it a lack of mental element? You've got the talent, the brains, the skills, a successful business or businesses, or a high-profile career, etc.

Again, even if you have all these, there just seems to be something missing, isn't it? We sometimes get into a state of denial, as if denying something that exists removes it from existence. Unfortunately, it doesn't.

We could brush it off as "imagination", or maybe a lack of someone or something in life. Oftentimes, the natural instinct is to somehow think that we need more. We think we need more money, more businesses, more challenges in life, more spice in our love life or marriage.

Somehow, satisfying the mental elements of life is just not enough.

This brings out the final element left: the spiritual element or the spiritual life.

How is your relationship with God? Do you prioritize Him and your relationship with Him as the highest of all your relationships? Remember that anyone or anything you prioritize over God is an act of idolatry, therefore a sinful act. There is no excuse. This includes our family, loved ones, business, career, etc.

See it all around you. There are a lot of good people. But many people just can't do it. Whether they're conscious of it or not, they prioritize family over God, or a love partner over God, a business/career over God, etc.

This "inner hunger or thirst" we feel therefore is a "spiritual hunger or thirst", an inner emptiness that can never ever be quenched or satisfied by the things of this world.

God instilled in us a form of "spiritual instinct", a trait which makes us search for Him even in this world. Hence, St. Augustine once said "God made us for Himself. Our hearts can never rest until it rests in Him."

No amount of satisfying our "physical elements", or our "mental elements" can ever substitute for satisfying our "spiritual elements".

To satisfy our "spiritual elements" means to prioritize God above everyone and everything we have been given in this world, never forgetting it all comes from Him anyway. It is to develop a closer relationship with God, by always prioritizing our "spiritual life" above both "mental life" and "physical life".

In the end, the source of the problem comes from wrong prioritization. We simply prioritize so many other things over our spiritual life. The solution to the problem therefore is to "prioritize our spiritual life" above other things in this world.