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Friday, May 27, 2005

How Hard it is to be God!

God has a common dilemma with men and women.

It goes like this: If God gives suffering to a person in life in order for that person to be detached from materialism and addictions, that person may not understand the reason for it and blame God for his/her problems.

However, if God decides not to give suffering to the person, that person can continue being materialistic, being a slave to his/her passions. This is because too much luxury, comforts can make one addicted to the ways of the world and even forget to take care of one's spiritual life and relationship with God.

Ah, if you were in God's place, what would you do? Tough, huh?

To further it, let's take the first instance: God does not give suffering to a person (even though that person is falling into deeper levels of materialism). That person can get too "attached", to the point of being even more materialistic than ever.

He/she can forget his/her spiritual life and forget to thank God who gave these gifts because of being too focused on the gifts rather than the giver of the gifts. The gifts become an "idol", as these can eventually become the person's priority rather than God.

Again, this is a form of "sin of idolatry", as anyone or anything you prioritize over God is your "idol".

Of course, it always depends on the person. Some will love God more, but some will also become detached from God due to materialism. For this topic, let's focus on those who do become materialistic.

Let's now take the second instance: God does decide to give suffering to a "materialistic" person, in order to help that person be more detached from materialism.

See, when suffering comes into our life, it's just not true that we are being punished. While it is possible that we are being punished for sins that we did not repent for, this is not always the case. So it is a case-to-case basis for God.

Oftentimes, suffering is God's solution for us, when He sees we are forgetting to prioritize Him first, above all, above the regular works and duties we do in this life. You really have to guard yourself as often as possible, because human memory is short!

Sometimes God gives us suffering to test us, to make us stronger so we'll be strong enough for some mission He may want us to do in the future. Consider it an honor then. Our perfect God will never give us tests beyond our capability.

Some people become detached from God when sufferings come. Some do wake up, and realize how materialistic and forgetful they've become and become closer to God in the process. It is a choice for each soul, for each person after all.

Just remember this: the harder you've suffered, the more ezxperienced, stronger and wiser you become. Less hardships bring also less results.

So suffering is a part of life, as much as joys and pleasures are. It is unavoidable.

As Jesus Himself said "Anyone who wishes to follow me must carry his own cross." If He carried His cross for you, what gives you the right not to?