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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Reality and the Human Mind

The human mind was created by God to "conceive" reality. Meaning, reality has always been there before us.

God gave us a mind to see reality as He made it, as it truly exists. He made reality as He saw fit, in His genius.

So the human mind cannot create its own reality, nor can it re-create existing reality either.

The mind was not made to change reality but to understand it.

So if the mind is not used to understand reality and accept it as it is, then the mind loses its purpose.

Take for example the truth that God exists.

What if all the people in the world suddenly turned atheist (God forbid!) and stopped believing in God's existence?

Would that, in any way, affect or change the truth that God exists? Would God stop existing?

Of course not. God has always existed before time, before we were even created. He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

Or if everybody stopped believing the planets exist (which they do not physically see), does that make the planets disappear?

It is important to know about this because there has been a recent surge in a belief called "relativism".

Relativism is a belief that there are no absolute truths, that truth is or can be subjective.

You may not realize it as it can be so subtle. It happens around us more often than we think.

Ever heard a relative or friend say "Oh, just do what you think is right." after you asked him or her what to do.

Or when you ask somebody "Hey, do you think I did the right thing?", you get this reply: "You only did what you thought was right."

Yup, that's relativism. So anybody can decide what is right and wrong huh? Whatever happened to what God and the Bible teaches?

God is the Supreme Authority, not any angel, man or woman.

Ironically, the statement of relativism that "There are no absolute truths" is self-contradictory!

By stating that as its own truth, relativism contradicts its own belief that there are no truths (everything being subjective or relative).

The evil and error of relativism can be seen and felt on both a personal and a world-wide scale.

Examples of the deadly tentacles of relativism spreading around the world are all over the news.
You see prostitution being legalized in some countries already like in Holland, while in most countries it is illegal.

Abortion is legal in some states in the United States, while illegal in some. It's as if the US isn't one country anymore really. All in the name of human rights, etc.

It's supposed to be the "United States" not the "Divided States".

So you see, one of the major reasons we shall always need God is because of this.

We humans beings will always need God as the supreme and absolute rule of law.

We need God as the higher being to rule over us, to decide and teach us what is right and what is wrong.

The alternative is chaos and disorder by relativism. Each person or persons of authority having their own opinion or version of wrong and right.

Imagine the president of one country declaring murder is not a crime, that he (and his trusted advisors) believes murderers should not be punished.

Then other presidents of other countries declaring the opposite, of course, that murder is a crime punishable by law.

Then that errant president arguing "But who has the right to decide right and wrong? And by what authority? It's all relative or subjective."

Then he further argues that they all can agree to disagree, that they all are intelligent, educated people (thus who is more intelligent cannot be an issue here!), etc.

So how do you refute or counter his argument?

Do you see clearly the chaos and utter confusion the errors of relativism brings?

Each person of authority creating their own rules based on what is beneficial to them, and not necessarily what is morally correct or for the common good.

We need God and shall always need Him or there will be no end to what is wrong and what is right, to what is good and evil.


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