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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Statistics For The Soul?

In today's world, statistics plays such a vital role in our lives.

Yup, statistics. People, even businesses and economies rely a lot on statistics. Data from it influences decisions from the ordinary family to the governments themselves.

Say, for example, statistics says 60% of family budgets are allocated by the average family to food alone. You can be sure this data will affect a lot of things

A country's government may put ceiling caps on food being sold in that country so as to help the citizens from food prices being too high.

Private businesses may decide to invest more on food. There will be a noticeable increase in restaurants, eateries and food establishments sprouting everywhere, etc.

But we also have a tendency to rely too much on statistics. If we're not careful, this over-reliance can become an idol to us.

Take for example this statistic: Less than 2% of men and women will have stomach cancer.

Sure, you breath a sigh of relief. Great. You tell yourself "It's such a low percentage chance it'll most probably not affect me. I'm quite safe."

Well, I'm sure the 2% or less of men who actually got the cancer thought the same way.

Statistics has an important purpose, God Himself gave it to man to help him improve nature through modernization and technology. This, of course, aside from other gifts.

Man, as caretaker of creation, has the privilege granted by God to improve upon nature. The use of modern science and technology is meant to enhance nature, to improve upon it and in a sense extend nature.

At the least, man also has the great responsibility of taking care of nature and protecting it.

But back to our previous topic. Relying on statistics is okay, even necessary.

Over-relying on statistics though is a big no-no. It may keep us from relying on prayer and instead rely on science more.

The truth is, what will the statistic "Less than 2% of men and women will have stomach cancer" mean anything to you when you already have the cancer?

None. It will not matter to you at all. You could care less if the statistical probability of having stomach cancer was less than 0.0001%!

Remember that prayer and faith are still more powerful than science. Always rely on prayer first.


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