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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Power of the Smile

Riddle me this: What is free and is often taken for granted and underestimated?

You got that right. A smile.

The smile is an extremely powerful gift given us by God. Most overlook this or simply don't know how powerful it truly is.

Case in point. Look at the saints (or pictures of them). Most, if not all have big smiles on their faces.There is a good reason why they smile a lot and they have always known the secret power of "the smile".

First off, the smile is a major weapon against depression. It is a fact that people who smile more are usually the ones less prone to depression.

There are times when we just feel "lazy" to do something, anything for that matter. This is of course effect of the sin of "lukewarmness or sloth" - one of the seven deadly sins.

Feeling that laziness thing? Yup, you got that right. Once again, the smile to the rescue! Smile your way to defeat that stupor.

It;s simple really. Just force a smile on your lips. Believe me this definitely works. You can try it now to believe it. You simply won't regret it (just don't forget you got it here first hehe!)!

The "smile power" can of course be used similarly on the sin of "anger or wrath" - again, one of the seven deadly sins.

When you're angry or at the boling point, you got that right. Again, the simplest solutions are the best. Force a smile on your lips. You will be surpised how powerfully effective it is! Sure beats having to take meds for high blood, right? I'd advise you to try it right now if you can. I'm too excited to see you witness this for yourself.

Scientifically, this spiritual weapon we call "the smile" does have some logical explanation in helping us fight laziness or anger (among other things). I read in an article before that a smile releases something in us, a hormone or something similar.

This may explain the reason why a smile induces a "feel good" effect, a feeling of well-being if you will.

Now, are you starting to see the secret power of the smile?

Oh yeah. This one. Many do know about this fact. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. So it's better to smile than frown a lot. It is a well-known secret among those who look younger than their age that smiling a lot delays aging and does make you a lot younger than your age.

This, I can verify from my own experience. A lot of people have told me I look a lot younger than my true age. A lot. As big as ten years less than my current age. I do attribute this to my tendency to smile a lot. =)


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