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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't Miss The Point

With Christmas so near we see a lot of preparations, decorations and a lot of parties all around. In the Christmas spirit, it's only natural to get absorbed in all the fun and happiness around. Hey, it's Christmas! No Ebenezer Scrooges please.

In all the busy atmosphere, we can easily lose sight of what it is all about. You can miss what Christmas is for, why we even celebrate it. You see all the commercialization of Christmas around, and mutter "Am I missing the point?"

A wise priest, during a homily once said that one of the greatest temptations of their priestly vocation was taking for granted the holy and supernatural duties given them. When this happens, the Mass becomes "just another Mass", forgiving of sins at confession becomes some routine job, etc. There has to be wonder, awe at doing holy duties.

This principle not only applies to the priestly vocation but to each and every one of us. Oftentimes, we become lukewarm, we simply do not even count our blessings the way we should. So we become less grateful.

The wise saying goes "Only the humble are happy." It is impossibe for a person to be happy without being grateful. And it's impossible to be grateful without humility!

Each Christmas then shouldn't be "just another Christmas". We should first of all be grateful for all the blessing we received from the brthday celebrant Jesus, along with Mother Mary's blessings.

Second, we should be thankful at spending another Christmas with those we love, never forgetting our lives and theirs are only temporary. The wise saying "Live each day as if it was the last, for someday it will be."


  • At 9:42 PM, Blogger Akintiunde said…

    I would not make the arguments that the atheist made to the theist. Further, the brother's nose twitch had a temporary existence at "a point in time," but does not have eternal existence. If it did have eternal existence at continuing points in time, that existence should be verifyable. So, what I can conclude from your nose twitch analogy is that god may have existed at a point in time historically but, like the nose twitch, no longer does in continual points in time. Finally, like the nose twicth analogy, proof of god's previous existence relies on psychological faith. I read no further than the nose twitch analogy. The theist argument was weak. Peace, Akin

  • At 7:31 PM, Blogger Alex C said…

    Anything that happens in reality is permanent, no such thing as temporary.

    On the "nose twitch", I myself can make my nose twitch (my brother was just one example), and verify the reality of it even though nobody else in the whole world can verify it. I myself am the verifier of a reality that occurred.


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