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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Permissive Society

We live in a day and age where society can be said to be a "permissive society."

Modern society has slowly but surely turned sin and wrongdoing into something acceptable, like
it's some annoyance - something not to be taken seriously.

I mean, look around you and observe.

Look at the popular talk shows on TV. Homosexuals appearing a lot more often now compared to the past.

This promotes homosexuality on a daily basis in a way not seen before.

On an episode of this popular TV noontime show, an obviously effeminate kid, around 9 years old is made to dance before the public, live on TV.

He struts like a woman, and the host and people there applaud him like crazy!

The host even has these "words of wisdom" for him: "It's okay for you to be gay. Really. It's a modern world now, nobody has the right to judge you and tell you homosexuality is wrong. You have the right to choice."

Well, that same argument can be used to defend abortion. The so-called right to choice and freedom of rights are often used by pro-abortion groups or their new name "Pro-choice".

Basically, it tells you that you have the right to sin, the right to do evil. Nobody has the right to tell you if it's wrong or right, good or evil.

The teachings of God through the Church and the Holy Bible are deemed unfit for so-called "modern times." Nothing's further from the truth.

Our permissive society says "It's ok. We all must have equal rights and respect each other's beliefs even if they are, uhh, non-conformist."

Substitute the word "non-conformist" above with the word "sinful". Now, you're seeing things as they really are.

Relativism (we all can decide for ourselves what is right and wrong, so there are really no absolute truths!) and semantics (smart twisting of words), etc.

If you notice, there seems to be a significant increase in homosexual children nowadays. It is horrible. It is a sad state to see our youth, our future giving in to the evil of homosexuality.

Some of meda is to blame. The glorification of homosexuals leads to the glorification of homosexuality itself.

It sends the wrong signals, especially to the youth who are most vulnerable. A child may undergo a pyschological confusion often termed as "identity crisis".

In this critical point of a child's life, he or she develops a sense of morality, of what is right and wrong. A child may become confused on whether "it's okay to be gay" after all or that it is a great sin against God and nature itself.

What if that next child was your child? Think about it. Why take the risk?

Then, another "signs of the times". I've seen a few parents of these homosexual children defend the homosexuality of their children right on TV!

You know the world is really turning upside down when parents, who are supposed to protect their children from sin and evil turn a blind eye to it or promote it to their children as "natural".

A homosexual boy starts dancing like a girl, to the cheers of the crowd. The TV host asks the mother her feelings.

Guess what she said: "Oh I guess it's ok to me. There are a lot of gay boys nowadays anyway. It's a modern world. Not a big deal anymore. I love my child."

Wow. The only right thing she said there was "I love my child." Sure, you must love your child whether gay or straight. This is not the issue here though.

The issue is morality. Is it right to be so lenient when a child sins? Or should you wisely reprimand?

The mother's justification for her gay boy is based on "majority wins" ("There are a lot of gay boys nowadays anyway), and a distorted view of modernity ("It's a modern world") where there's more freedom (a wrong concept of it).

Something about this thing called "modernity". It's as if old values and morals are overturned in the name of modernity. Being modern does not make sin a virtue (or virtue a sin).

Okay, to be clear I'm not in a position to condemn homosexuals here. We're all sinners and that's the truth.

It's the principle "Hate the sin not the sinner." We cannot deny the truth that homosexuality is a great sin.

One only has to read the Holy Bible to confirm it. No ifs and buts.

Another issue is "single parenthood".

It can be observed quite easily that the incidence of women becoming pregnant but not having a husband has definitely increased in these times. Compared to the generations of our parents, "single moms" and "single dads" have become a lot more common.

A major reason is the breakdown of morality among the youth.

Say, a woman becomes pregnant (by premarital sex). The guy, once giving her his full attention, learns his girlfriend is pregnant.

The guy gets overtaken by fear. Fear, because he is not morally, emotionally, and financially prepared (he sure was physically prepared!).

He becomes cold, distances himself or cuts off any communication with the woman. Or he may be making more excuses not to see her.

He may tell her he's abroad or out-of-town. Worse, he may even accuse the girl that the child is not his.

Of course, this is only one of the reasons. It cannot be denied that the woman also has a part in this social problem. After all, it takes two to make one (baby).

But on this topic, families have become too lenient on their sons when it comes to responsibility like this.

I'm not biased here, just telling it as it is. I'm part of the new generation, the so-called "Generation X".

In the older generations (around thirty years ago or so), I observed that a guy who impregnated a girl was made to realize the seriousness of it. The family members of the guy would really commit their son to marry or take responsibility for the girl and their child.

Nowadays in the new generation, the family members themselves may even hide their son from the responsibility.

It's a major change of culture when you observe it.

The girl and her family usually get the short end of the stick. They foot the hospital bills, their family name is damaged, the parents are blamed for being lax, the girl gets condemnation and pity or social stigma, etc.

The problem is this so-called unwanted pregnancy phenomenon has been increasing so much these days it has in a way, transformed our culture, our way of life.

From this we can deduce this observation: when a negative event or sin occurs and only a few people do it, society criticizes it. But when that same negative event/sin is imitated by a lot more people, society tends to tolerate it.

Why is this? It's as if people become desensitized if a sinful activity becomes rampant. It becomes a part of life, a culture; it becomes something to accept, not something to condemn!

Then, there's abortion. The controversial Roe vs. Wade court case, which ultimately led to the legalization of abortion in some states in the US is much to blame (but not entirely).

Fact is, no amount of legalization will make somebody who is in God, who knows good from evil choose the wrong over the right.

Yup. It's easy enough to put the blame on the judges who erred on legalizing abortion. Roe vs. Wade can easily be such a scapegoat.

But it's also a fact that even before Roe vs. Wade, there were already too many abortions in the US! Roe vs. Wade only increased it exponentially.

It's also a well-known fact that an increase in premarital sex leads to an increase in unwanted pregnancies (particularly teenage pregnancy), and an increase in unwanted pregnancies lead to a corresponding increase in abortions.

People have become lax with their morals, like morality is some inconvenience to their daily lives.


  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

    it is not up to you to judge these people. in your other post you claim we are all equal in the eyes of god, and to not agree you are a sinner, and yet seem to look down on single mothers/fathers and these people with 'loose morals'. why not try practicing what you preach. it is not up to you to judge who is a sinner and who is not.

  • At 2:52 AM, Blogger Leana Pina said…

    my friend XSK, our brother is not judging the sinner but the sin as he clearly stated. We are all not without sin, the only way in which we can redeem ourselves is through continual repent and desire to be closer to God. Through him and only him may we escape death and live eternally.
    I myself am a single mother and agree with my brother-if I listened and heard the word of God I myself would've known the great things he has in store for me and would've abstained and saved myself for marraige. I would've never allowed myself to fall short. The Lord however, through my sin allowed me to bear life and my child is a true blessing.
    No one can judge, that right is reserved for our Lord, Jesus Christ. May God bless you.


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