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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A Tribute To An Amazing Woman

By now, even you must've heard about the miraculous wonders being shown by our Holy Mother Mary to one of our own, a Filipina, Mrs. Emma de Guzman. Mrs. Emma is a modern-day mystic, visionary and evangelist. She is now also the founder of La Pieta International Prayer Group, which has spread the love of God and prayer through prayer groups all around the world.

But not everybody knows how she started, how all this started. Mrs. Emma first worked as a lowly domestic helper abroad. This was before the fame started. She had children, but her job couldn't make ends meet. Standing outside a Catholic church, a gust of wind suddenly started and a small piece of paper landed on her palm. It was an agency for workers to Canada.

She called it up, and her employer turned out to be a Filipino too! In Canada, her spiritual mission was being revealed slowly but surely. She could read people's minds and know their illnesses. At a group of people she suddenly felt the urge to tell a woman “You have a painful back, correct?” The woman answered that it was true, wondering how she knew. Our Lord Jesus Christ and Mama Mary would appear to her to convey messages.

A prayer session was once held near a hill. She was smiling as she was talking to Our Holy Mother. She reported seeing a lot of angels all around. Suddenly, witnesses saw golden glitters of dust appearing on her face! While people were going home, some reported a shower of gold dust suddenly exploding in the night sky out of nowhere.

But why am I doing this tribute to Mrs. Emma? Because most of all, she taught us very important lessons in humility and respect. Society often looks down on domestic helpers. We are all guilty of this. Mrs. Emma's example has changed our biased perception of the “lowly maid” to one of honor. Now, when you look at a domestic helper, who knows if she'll be the “next Mrs. Emma”? Thank you Mrs. Emma!


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