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Friday, May 10, 2013

Is It All Just Envy?

Recently, I saw a familiar scenario at a popular news channel. A poor family was being interviewed about their state of poverty in life. The father of the family said it all. He said "We are so poor, we live from day to day. We have seven children. We don't have jobs. I say the government is to blame for all this. It's those corrupt public officials stealing from the people!"

Hmmm. Come to think of it. He sure is right on the reality of corrupt public officials perverting the government coffers. However, he didn't get it all right.

You can't always put the blame on other people for your miseries. Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, you can't always point a finger at the snake. You have to realize your own mistakes eventually.

Like in the interview above, the poor man can't blame others for him having seven children inspite of his self-professed state of poverty. Really. I mean it's no secret that it seems the poorer a family is, the more children they usually have. The more affluent a family though, the less children they'll usually have. There's obviously something not right with this reality. It should be the other way around, yes?

Is it all just envy? I mean think of it:  was the poor man in the interview just miserable because he sees other people more well-off, having more material goods than him and his family?

Or put it this way:  what if we were all as poor as the man himself? Would he still consider himself and his family poor and miserable? Most probably not. Hmmm, quite something to think about huh.

Let's turn it around. What if we were all equally rich? There'll be no millionaires or billionaires to compare ourselves to, no "keeping up with the Joneses", no person or family to be envious of.

What if people all over the world were blind? What do you think would occur? Would the blind man still pity himself? Would we still see blindness as a disability when it's the norm? Of course not . There is simply no comparison that can be made. Blindness will be considered normal. We will be like bats - a society of the blind. As the saying goes:  "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."

It's all relative. See, situations or events are viewed as negative or positive depending on who or what we compare it to. It's based on relative comparison.

It's like that proverbial story about a man who stated "I complained about my lack of money to buy new shoes.... until I saw a man with no feet."


  • At 3:18 AM, Blogger Steven Reid said…

    Mr. Alex C
    Thank You, for your insight on love and pride! Praise Lord Jesus Christ the son of GOD for you.
    Steven Reid

  • At 3:19 AM, Blogger Steven Reid said…

    Mr. Alex C
    Thank You, for your insight on love and pride! Praise Lord Jesus Christ the son of GOD for you.
    Steven Reid

  • At 11:46 PM, Blogger pezum princewill said…


  • At 2:00 PM, Blogger Little Joe said…

    At what age did you realize your LOVE for your Mother

  • At 10:26 PM, Blogger Weismonger said…

    I grew up as a christian, was a professional soloist in church choirs...lived and was educated in the buckle of the bible belt...but, due to my education in science, I began to test religion for reality. After ten years of study with zero proof of god on any level...and then researching the history of which there is not one single artifact, no writings, no statues, no coins, no wall scribblings, no clay tablets, no papryi that anyone knew anything about christianity or jesus in the first or second dawned on me. that christianity is a third and fourth century AD fraud, a forgery, and a hoax.

    Then, I began to explore what christianity actually says and promises, the psychological effects of being trained to lie...I then began to explore what kind of moral code or compass a religious person has...who demands proof and reality in one part of their life, especially from others, but not wit:

    Thanks James...the more I get into what religion is, the more it disgusts me...Christians have a character defect in which they accept and promote lies due to a sense of greed and narcissism...Christianity is immoral, and to believe in it, is one of the most corrupt systems on this planet. We expect politicians and sales people to lie or at least exaggerate..but when it comes to the religious, they are expected to tell the truth at all costs. This is the bizarre paradox in christianity....More

  • At 10:27 PM, Blogger Weismonger said…

    When christians buy a car....they want a warranty, they want a 50,000 mile, 5 year warranty that the car works.

    They don't take the used car salesman's word for it that the car runs...they kick the tire, the start the engine, they take it for a test drive.

    Belief in religion should be the same way as buying a car...ask for and demand proof that religion, prayer, and belief works... test prayer, see if there are improved or better cure rates among the religious because of prayer. Or do atheists, hindus, buddists, and moslems all have the same rates of spontaneous remissions and cure rates as christians...meaning, that prayer is worthless.

    Are there any statistics that christians are better and entitled to push religion on your children. Is there such a place as hell? What does it mean when christians use blackmail, extortion,and threats if you refuse to believe in their religious garbage.

    But, when it comes into buying into the Big Lie as the Zoraostrians called such religions as christianity and is an exercise in religious magic... Christians don 't even ask for a warranty...they never ask or explore if what the preacher or priest "promises" is true or not. They never test the religious system or its promises.

    What has the research studies of prayer found out? Did prayer people actually get better with prayer, or is just the act of believing one can change or get better work...for everyone of all religions and faiths and no faiths?

    What does it mean when a religion says you are helpless, you are born in sin, you have to seek an outside supernatural force to get you through life? Is this true of there evidence that one can accomplish nothing without religion? What about all the famous atheists who are scientists, inventors, equipped with the most brilliant minds in history....who find religion and prayer ridiculous? How to christians explain that?

    Moslem state that such brilliant, successful people are possessed by smart demons, which we find laughable at best, and completely delusional in reality. Most who are successful inventors and creators worked their butts off...without any god, priest, religion or prayer...

    The answer is of course, there is no difference in the cure rates of Atheists and Christians. Both have the same rate of spontaneous remissions whether it is cancer for the flu. Ergo, prayer does not work.

    But Christians want to believe the Bit Lie of religion. They want to l ive in a state of "untruth" to be fooled, to be gullible, because it makes them feel chosen, special, and the worst of all sins...entitled to abuse children with their lies, their unproven, obnoxious lies that praying to the air, to an imaginary god works....

    What prayer does is propose and even guarantee the belief that the individual is helpless, has no will power, no ability to change themselves or the future, and so they must speak to, and pray and beg an imaginary god to "save them." And not just not save them but give them stuff they did not earn, deserve, or work for. Well, no wonder christians earn less money than Atheists.

    And if they do change...the individual does not even give themselves the credit they are due...that they saved themselves.

    This is why I hate is such an insult to the human mind and the freedom of the individual to change and be happy and proud they were in charge of their own mind and future.

    Christianity and religion is such an insult to humanity, that it is not only failing, and being exposed for what it is...the Big Lie, but people are discovering the power of life and intelligence in themselves.

    Freedom from religion cannot come too soon. This planet has suffered enough from religion and the social acceptance of liars of all kinds...and its time to end it.

  • At 10:29 PM, Blogger Weismonger said…

    There is no lord jesus christ, no god, no proof of any such gods and ever has been.

    the bibles, korans, and other religious writings are frauds, forgeries, and hoaxes, all designed to make you stupid and incompetent.

  • At 10:13 PM, Blogger Panggang Ayam Marketing said…

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