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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Only The Real Matters

We go through life searching, ever searching for some certain questions about life itself.

Why? Why do we do it? Why the need to do it?

When God creates a soul He puts inside that soul certain, unique characteristics. The Bible itself says "we were created in the image and likeness of God Himself".

Wow, what further proof of God's love do we still need?

One of the most important characteristics that God puts in our soulis called "natural law".

Natural law is defined as an automatic, almost subconscious knowledge of good and evil, of what is right and wrong.

Don't get confused though. What we call natural law is simply an"instinct" in us that makes us realize and feel that a certain act is wrong or right.

This is true irregardless of a person's religion, beliefs, culture, etc. It is therefore generic in us, something that is biological and cannot be said to be influenced by external, environmental factors.

Another proof supporting the truth of natural law is found in science. Scientific tests have shown that human babies already possess their unique personality traiits at the start.

It shows babies are either introvert, extrovert, or a more balanced mix of both from the start. That's why some babies are more passive than others and some more active.

This confirms the reason is biological and not environmental.

Without these scientfic proofs, people can often judge wrongly that a kid is shyer than others because the parents didn't bring him up well. Though, granted, traumatic events in a person's life can affect or alter personality it is not often the case.

This is not to say that parents' disciplining their children or bringing them up well is not important. No, on the contrary, it is very important to shaping a child.

The Holy Bible itself says in Proverbs (attributed to King Solomon himself!) "Bring up a child in ways that are of good, and he will never stray from that path in the future."

If the scientific tests are a basis though, the personality of a person, whether he or she is more of an extrovert, introvert, or a more balanced mix of both is based more on biological factors and not environmental.

We must defiine personality clearly though. It can often be confused with the spiritual level or what we call the "righteousness" of a person.

Personality can be defined as whether a person is more of an introvert, an extrovert, or a more balanced mix of the two. It is not in any way related to whether a person is good or bad.

Being an introvert or extrovert doesn't determine the spiritual level of a person.

If you're more of an introvert, shy and reserved, quiet type, how does that lead you to sin? It's the same with extrovert-type people.

Personality simply means you're either a more quiet type or the more talkative-type person.

So now that we know this, the next natural question would be "So what does determine the spiritual level or righteousness of a person?"

We already know it is not biological in nature. It means no person can be born "naturally evil" nor "naturally good". This is the main point.

If it's not biological, then what else is left?

Yes, there is only the environmental factor left. We can state that the spiritual level of a person is caused by environmental factors, not biological.

This also means being a good person or a bad person is definitely a choice.

Sin, by definition, has to be a choice of a person. If a person was forced to commit a sinful act, the act cannot be considered sin.

There are people who erroneously believe a person can be born evil, or has a tendency to do evil just because he/she was born that way.

This is why it's important to know the truth, that a good or bad person is not born but made.

Those who do sinful acts will never have an excuse now. They cannot state "this is my nature that's why I can't help it."

So remember and never forget: "Only the real matters. Reality is truth and truth is reality. Therefore, only the truth matters."