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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We Need Problems

Riddle me this:  What is there in life that we will always have as long as we're alive? Answer? Yup, the answer is:  problems (hmmm, don't tell me you peeked at the title! =D)

Problems. No one really wants to hear them and no one would really enjoy having them, right? Well, that's only natural. We get them whether we want to or not. We can't choose to not have them but can simply accept that a problem does exist and do our best to solve it.

But what if I told you we need problems.

Yes, you heard it right. We need problems like we need sleep, food or water. Problems are truly essential to our lives.

Your next question would be "Why do I need problems anyway?" Good question (but the answer is even better!).

Sure it's only natural to ask. I mean problems can be stressful or very stressful even. They can increase blood pressure (hypertension) leading to medical problems, and can even cause depression on people who cannot handle them. Problems cause anxiety, nervous breakdowns even (on more severe cases) and a lot of other, well, problems. =)

But problems also make us stronger - like gold purified by fire. Problems create challenges and challenges give us achievements in life. And what is a life without challenges and achievements? A life without challenges and achievements is a useless life. Therefore, we can conclude that a life without problems is really a useless life.

Problems are like spice in life, they make life more meaningful. Our problems give us experience to handle even greater problems in the future - something that simply would not be possible without the wisdom of experience.

Among all our problems, we can say that spiritual problems or problems related to our spiritual life are the hardest of all to handle. Yet they would be undoubtedly the most important to overcome. Most of us can relate to ths. Remember those times when God seems so far away? When sadness turns to despair and we feel so isolated and helpess in a sea of negative emotions?
Yet we can also remember how those hard spiritual tests turned out to be blessings after all. We realize how God used those hardships to make us more humble, enough to be more prayerful and thus closer to Him.

So from now on, now that you know how important they are, always thank God for your problems. Without your problems, you'll have no achievements!